Introducing Repel Gel
Repel gel is a non-toxic water soluble polymer caly medium. Repel Gel prevents polymer caly from adhering to itself while curing. It can also be used as a mold and stamp release. Create braids loops, purses, fringe, curled hair effects, photo frames, and luggage tags. Water clean-up.
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Autumn Leaf Pendant
Chatoyant: Mica shift techniques
Pioneered by artists such as Pier Vaulkos and Mike Buessler, this family of techniques create spectacular results! In this Project, the presence ofmica particles in our metallic polyclay create "holographic" effects when impressed with a deep cut rubber stamp
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Christmas Cone Ornament
What makes these simple ornaments so special is the "Skinner Blend". This method, in which a sheet of perfectly graded color is made form polymer clay has forever altered and enhanced the look of polymer clay art.
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The "Skinner Blend"
is a simple mehtod for creating sheets of graded color - seamlessly form one color to another.
Introduced to the polymer clay community by Judith Skinner, I believe this technique has had the greatest impact on the look and face of polymer clay.
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The "Jellyroll"
is one of the simplest of canes to make but, making a nicely balanced cneter isn't always sosimple. Here'sa way to make jellyrolls in which the cneters are equally composedof both colors.
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Heart Lariat Necklace
Mica Shift (Chatoyant) Techniques
Pioneered by artist such as Pier Voulkos and Mike Buessler, this family of techniques create a dimensional effect when rolled, trimmed, twisted and sliced. This particular technique borrows from both Voulkos and Buessler.
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Molded Flower Pin
Polymer clay can be pressed into existing molds, or used as a material to make new molds. This pin used a polyclay cold made form an antique box lid original. You can also create your own polyclay objects and make molds from them after baking. Use the mold to make multiples of your original.
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Spring Flowers
One of the techniques popular among polymer clay enthusiasts is known as Milleflor. Its roots lie in ancient glass making traditions and you'll find polymer clay perfectly adaptable to cane construction.
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Cool Summer Beads
Polymer clay may be the most versatile medium in the art and craft world today. It has the ability to adapt and translate techniques form other media such as Mokume Gane - whose origins lie in Japanese metal working traditions
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